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About Kolobe Safaris

The name KOLOBE originates from an indigenous language and means Warthog.

KOLOBE SAFARIS and base camp is situated in the heart of the Malaria free African Bushveld, 150 miles north of the O.R.Thambo International Airport (Johannesburg International  Airport).  Being owner operated ensures that your stay with us will be the most pleasurable experience attainable.

From the moment you arrive, to your departure, our experienced staff will make every effort to accommodate your  specific needs. Our consession ranges across the whole of Southern Africa, over an area of 200 000 hectares.

Our urban areas are first world, but most of the country is still rural and third world and our "Bush" is similar to other  remote areas of the world, so expect to be isolated and removed from the environment you are accustomed to.  Our Safari and Base camp are comfortable and a haven to enjoy. The sounds of the wild will be the only sounds to be heard at night!

South Africa has two distinct types of hunting on game ranches and government designated safari areas divergent to concessions and communal or tribal trust land, where there are no fences. On a game ranch, such as Kolobe and other ranches in South Africa, there is a perimeter fence, but the game move freely, and hunts are strictly fair chase. The trophy quality of most plains game is generally better on ranches. This is a safe and crime-free area.