Rules, Regulations & Safety

Safari Rules:

  • Your Professional Hunter (PH) is the authority in charge of the complete safari and in control of the camp and staff. If there any disagreements or complaints, please discuss it in private with the PH during the Hunt.
  • Local game and firearm laws must be strictly adhered to. No aiming or shooting may be done without prior permission from the PH.
  • Wounded animals will be pursued and dispatched by the PH. Any wounded animal will be charged as a kill. It is at the PH's discretion if you may join the dispatch chase.
  • If any dangerous game (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and hippo) is not killed outright by you, it will immediately be dispatched by the PH.
  • The PH looks after your safety and his trackers and if he therefore deems it unsafe, you may not take part in the chase. Firearms will be kept unloaded, at all times, till the hunt commences.
  • No alcoholic beverages will be served or consumed during or immediately after the hunt. Gentlemen and lady behaviour is expected at all times. No refund shall be made if safari is terminated, for any reason.

Precautions & Safety:

  • Malaria: Travel and medical insurance are recommended. Kolobe Safaris issituated in the Malaria-free zone. If a trip to the Kruger Park is also required, medication needs to be taken in time. (Usually approximately one week beforehand).
  • If you require any additional information, your PH will assist you.
  • Kolobe Safaris is situated in a safe and crime free area not near a big city or informal settlement.